Question:Is weed dangerous for my health?
Weed is not dangerous for your health. As evidence, some countries are beginning to make weed consumption legal. Weed on the contrary is good for you and that why we sell it. However weed just like any other consumable could be dangerous if abused. 
Q-Do you sell products other than weed?
Ans: No we sell only weed products for now. If you need any other products feel free to contact us. We might advise you.
Q-Where do you sell your products?
A-We sell only in America, Canada and the united kingdom for now.
Q- Is it safe to do business with you:
You are 100% safe. You just have to follow our advice. We have been in business for the past ten years and none of our clients ever had any problem.
Q- How to we make payment?
At the moment we accept payment through bank deposit, Money gram/western union transfer, Bit Coin
Q- How long does it take for me to get my order?
With certainty, you will get your delivery within twenty-four hours. At times, much less than twenty-four hours and you are served.